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The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.


Founder of Likette

Laura Hofmann has fit quite a bit into her 26 years. Originally from Munich, Laura pursued her determination to succeed in the creative world and quickly combined her compassionate thinking with her entrepreneurial mindset.

After graduating from the renowned London College of Fashion, with a BA in Fashion Management, Laura gained extensive art and business experience working for the Hubert Burda Media Group, Jimmy Choo, Genart, and Net-A-Porter amongst others.

In 2010, Laura took the initiative to launch her first solo venture, the fashion website Lalike. Two years later, in 2012, Lalike relaunched into the online lifestyle and shopping magazine, Likette, a space where Laura curates fashion from over 50 affiliate partners.

Laura has always found inspiration in the strong and stable people around her, more specifically by their empathetic demeanour and balanced bodies. She believes that you don’t need to always know exactly where you are in life, “you just have to make a conscious decision to embark on the journey of life with those who, like me, thrive to grow as human beings and work on becoming a better person every day. Positivity attracts positivity”.

Likette quickly evolved from an online magazine into a unique brand consultancy and creative agency where Laura collaborates with selected online businesses, jewellery brands, art galleries and lifestyle brands. Laura’s most recent endeavour includes KNOMI, the social fashion discovery app, launched in the Summer of 2015.

Having generated an extensive network within the consumer-facing industry, Laura possesses the unique ability to connect all sorts of creative minds, set up partnerships and guide start-ups.

Her growing curiosity about the power of the mind, especially in the way it affects us, together with her quest to find balance in every aspect of life, pushes Laura to continuously work hard in her personal and professional life. Hoping to inspire those around her to find balance, Laura created, a space where she will document her way of living, thinking and all that motivates her to feel and look good, soon.

“Every human being has a different setup based on genes, background and general capabilities. Personally I have always believed that we must find balance in all aspects of life in order to feel and look good. I love to encourage and inspire those around me - be it my friends and family or the people I work with - to evolve into a better, stronger, healthier version of themselves.” - Laura Hofmann 2015


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